Stephen Salamunovich CSA

A New Paradigm in Dynamic, Authentic Presentations

If you’ve realized how smart it is to invest in professional training for your presentational communications, then Congratulations! Now you need to figure out the best program to assist you in your endeavors. The vast majority of these programs work from the outside attempting to turn speakers into something that conforms to some pre-set standard against which each speaker will be measured. The trouble is that this is the cart before the horse. The ONLY way a speaker can reach their maximum potential is by working from the inside out. A speaker’s perspective generates what happens on the outside and not the other way around.  Research done at UCLA found that 93% of what an audience takes away actually has less to do with the words. Audiences are savvy enough to “feel” the intention of the speaker. Content is the easiest thing for speakers to generate and accounts for 7%. The audience’s trust is another matter and given that 93% stat, it’s the MAIN thing worth cultivating.

After 27 years as a professional film and television casting director, I’ve presided over close to half a million auditions and I’ve seen all the methods and technologies for gaining sway over an audience. It’s a high-pressure environment that’s helped me hone the most effective methods for getting there. I’ve helped celebrities, entrepreneurs, chefs, political figures, athletes and Fortune 500 companies reach excellence in their presentations.

After all is said and done, only one thing really matters in getting your message across: Having a clear and authentic intention that’s in your audience’s best interest.  That’s where we come in. We work with each speaker’s innate abilities to bring out who they really are instead of superimposing something they’re not. It’s the Clear difference.